Sun Fern Montessori’s mission is to provide a safe, nurturing, fun and carefully-prepared environment founded upon the principles of AMI Montessori education that attends to the total development of the child's social, emotional, intellectural, physcial, and spiritual growth.

ABOUT TARA - The Guide

I am a lover of life, inspired by the interconnectedness of everything around me. I find peace in the outdoors and feel that fostering a strong community is vital to a rich, fulfilling, enjoyable life.

I moved to Oregon from Wisconsin in the summer of 1999 after finishing my Bachelors degree in Human Development and Family studies.  A year later I met and fell in love with my husband Chris.  Chris and I are passionate about education for life and quickly discovered the Montessori philosophy and were moved by how it allows the child to become a strong, independent, confident, conscious members of a community.  I have consistently been working with children and families throughout my adolescent and adult life. After 10 years at a well-known Portland Montessori school (3 as assistant, 7 as guide), I am fulfilling my dream to start my own school.

During my AMI training at the Montessori Institute Northwest, I was completely inspired by Maria Montessori.  She sought fundamental changes in education that looked at the whole child. Her ideals of peace and acceptance of people of all races, creeds, and socioeconomic backgrounds fueled and informed her method. She believed that being a true advocate of the whole child would lead to world peace. I feel it is a great privelege to guide the child as they teach themselves through personal discovery.  I love being with the children for they truely know how to live in the moment and what a gift that is.


Our South Tabor home sits in a lovely residential neighborhood. This intimate classroom space inhabits our entire main floor of the house with hardwood floors, lots of plants, beautiful materials and parent-made shelves/tables/chairs.  The children have continual access to our outdoor organic gardens as well as a room designated for movement, yoga, music and laughter. We’ve designed the space to be completely child-centered, warm, inviting, and stimulating.  Our environment fosters independence, concentration, community building, respect for all life while always encourageing the individual child's interest and curiosity.